Thermos Shuttle Chef Thermal Cookware RPC 6000W ( 2 x 3L Pots )


Shuttle Chef 6 litre

RPC 6000W 

( 2pcs x 3L Inner saucepans )

This is the complete set for the RPC 6000 W and consists of the two 3 litre inner heavy based saucepans.

These saucepans are also suitable for cooking on c Elements due to the carbon steel plate in the heavy base.

The bail handle will not become overly hot if it is left in the vertical position while cooking on the stove top,
 however if it is left in the horizontal position it will definitely pick up residual heat
that is being transferred up the sides of the pot by the primary heat source.
The outer carry container has a patented vacuum chamber


between two walls of stainless steel ensuring the very best insulation available.

With this combination you will not need to carry any additional saucepans in your travelling kit,

leaving more room for storage of those couple of extra bottles of wine.

Thermos guarantee that it will provide the Hottest Hot and the Coldest Cold for the longest period.


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