Cheese Yoghurt Maker with Vat by Mad Millie, Incubator, Insulator, BPA free


This Mad Millie Cheesemaker is a great, easy to use

 piece of equipment used for making both cheese and yoghurt.

The insulating walls of the Cheesemaker Incubator keeps milk warm for several hours

 while the culture can work on acidifying the milk and turn it into curds and whey.

This kit includes: a Cheesemaker Incubator, a 4L Cheese Vat, a 1L Soft Cheese Vat and instruction booklet.

 All components are 100% BPA free, microwave oven and dishwasher safe.

The size (32cm in diameter and 21.2cm in height) and

 stylish design of the Cheesemaker makes it a great accessory for anyone's kitchen.
Recommended to be used with: -Fresh Cheese Kit -Specialty Cheese Kit -Probiotic Yoghurt Kit

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