Vegetarian Rennet Tablets by Mad Millie - 10pc Blister Pack for Cheese Making


Microbial Vegetarian Rennet x 10 Tablets

More convenient than using rennet powder or liquid.

Rennet tablets must be dissolved in cool boiled-water

(as heat and chlorine can affect the rennet's activity)

and added to warm milk as indicated in your Mad Millie recipe.

Rennet tablets are G.E. Free. 

PLEASE NOTE: These Mad Millie branded tablets are slightly different

to the tablets we previously sold.

These tablets are half the concentration of the old tablets.

Each of these tablets treats 4 Litres of fresh milk.

Please refer to dosage instructions on packet

when using these tablets with old Mad Millie recipe booklets.

Vegetarian Rennet in a convenient tablet form which is shelf stable.

Made from Coagulant enzyme of Mucor miehei

Each tablet is sufficient to coagulate 4 litres of milk and contains 60 IMCU minimum 

To use, product must be diluted in cool, boiled-water before being poured into the milk at the time and temperature stated in your recipe Product will last 36 months when stored in a cool dark place

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